Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse

Springfield, Vermont

summer Services 10am - 11am

In person and on Zoom

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Meeting ID: 613 077 9853



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Our Affirmation:
Love is the doctrine of this church
The quest for truth is its sacrament
And service is its prayer
To dwell together in peace
To seek knowledge in freedom
To serve the needs of all beings
To the end that all souls shall
Grow into harmony with the Divine
Thus do we covenant with each other
And with the source of our being

Members, friends and visitors who have found meaning in our services and programs are invited to make a one-time or recurring donation to the Meetinghouse. 

Please send checks to:

UU Church

PO Box 944

Springfield, VT 05156

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Our Services are each Sunday starting the second Sunday in September until mid-June, with two services in July and two in August.

Services: 10 am to 11 am Coffee Hour: 11 am - Noon

Share the Plate for June

Hearts You Hold

Hearts You Hold is a non-profit organization based in East Thetford, VT whose mission is to support migrants, immigrants, asylees and refugees by taking the time to ask them what they need to live and work. Their process connects & supports individuals with people who provide assistance by funding requests. Items which are often requested include clothes, shoes, beds, strollers and cribs.

2nd & 4th Thursdays
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
On Zoom:

A Zoom group for folks who like to play with color, drawing, reinventing objects, & general creating. There might be laughter, daring & surprises. Have paper, colored pencils or crayons or your favorite medium ready. Interest & questions? Contact; Toni Streeter, Ann Marie &/or Ti Knoepfel. Or email

Church Administrator - June Brink 

Collector - Ellen Allman

Board of Trustees

Bill Brink - President

Bob Allman- Vice President

Dick Andrews - Treasurer

Becky Tucker - Clerk

At large: Tina Feindel, Toni Streeter, Pat Callahan

Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse
21 Fairground Rd
Springfield, VT 05156


Mailing address: P.O.Box 944 Springfield, VT 05156