“Nurturing the Spirit, Healing the World”

The Unitarian Universalist Church in Springfield has been a voice for liberal religion for over 200 years.

We are a welcoming and supportive community for people of all ages. We value the open mind and encourage each person to question and develop their own faith. We love a warm heart and generous spirit. Together, we seek the creation of a more loving and just world, and aspire to live sustainably on the Earth.

Hope and Inspiration for Healing and Well-Being!

Programs Offered by Dr. Jim Cahill and Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy

Sunday, January 19th

Are You looking for some encouragement in getting a handle on your own wellness or fulfilling your New Year’s Resolution?  Come hear Dr. Jim Cahill and Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy and join in on the conversation on Sunday, January 19.  When Jim and Mellen met last year, they realized they have a lot in common including their passion about wellness and desire to help others find their way home to more vibrant living.   Jim Cahill served for decades as a pediatrician in Springfield.  In his own journey toward wellness, he lost over a hundred pounds!  Mellen who is an interfaith minister, has had her own health challenges some years ago.  Both of them now feel healthier and happier than they’ve ever felt, Jim in his 70’s and Mellen in her 60’s.  They are really pleased to share from their own questions and struggles and the transformations they have experienced.  In their conversation, they’ll explore the spiritual dimensions and the shift of consciousness that healing often entails.

You can watch a recording of this service, thanks to Bill Brink and June Sumner, on the SAPA TV WEBSITE:

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