The Springfield UU Meetinghouse is continuing to function at full tilt on-line! We have had many meetings, groups and services on-line using Zoom these past weeks. It’s wonderful to stay connected. At the on-line “Tea Time” I hosted, the ten of us who were on the call enjoyed seeing each other and sharing stories and experiences. We were finding a lot of silver linings in the current changes. One person said she missed being with people and it was heart-warming to be able to see and talk with her friends electronically. The technology has been such a great blessing that has enabled us to keep going. – Rev. Mellen Kennedy

We’ll be posting Zoom links to our services and events below in the designated sections.

Information for joining our Zoom services:

Online: https://zoom.us/j/6130779853?pwd=bkc2cUltQlhYUU5YME1aaHlNTGtJdz09

By Telephone +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

Meeting ID: 613 077 9853

Password: 082077

“Nurturing the Spirit, Healing the World”

The Unitarian Universalist Church in Springfield has been a voice for liberal religion for over 200 years.

We are a welcoming and supportive community for people of all ages. We value the open mind and encourage each person to question and develop their own faith. We love a warm heart and generous spirit. Together, we seek the creation of a more loving and just world, and aspire to live sustainably on the Earth.

Please join us!

Sunday May 31: “A Spiral is a Growing Shape – Going Gently Inward before Outward” with Aimee Parnell, 10 am

In times of stress or danger, many animals and plants curl up into a spiral shape. Incubation and germination also often happen in this shape: the growing organism slowly spiraling outward, unfurling gracefully in its own time.

As our community begins to reemerge from this period of isolation, let us pause to explore the feelings and sensations that accompany our collective journey from old world to new. We will take this opportunity to savor and  reflect upon the good deeds we have witnessed, the fears and sorrows we honor and invite to release, and the hopes that have survived this upheaval. We will practice lovingkindness to all facets of ourselves and others in the human and more-than-human world. In times of struggle, we deserve to offer ourselves more kindness, more love… not less. Both shadow and light are worthy of love. If you are struggling, this is an opportunity  to practice nourishing self-care in a supportive group. To get your heart beating to the rhythm of gratitude and to find a still, calm point from which to grow and reconnect.

Movement-based meditation will be offered during this service – the physical practice can be done seated in a chair or on a yoga mat. Adaptations will be described to provide options for a wide range of mobility levels.

Aimée has taught gentle and vinyasa yoga at studios and health clubs, adaptive chair yoga at senior centers, yoga classes for beginners, partner yoga to expectant couples, and mindfulness and movement meditation to both high school and preschool students. She earned her prenatal yoga certification at Kripalu in October 2017. In 2018, She holds classes at East View Farm in Springfield. (Currently all classes are being held via Zoom.)

Followed by on-line “coffee hour.” 
Zoom info for all services:

Download Zoom first.
Or by phone, dial  +1 646 558 8656 US
Meeting ID: 613 077 9853
Password: 082077

Who Will We Be Post Pandemic?

Friends on the Path Discussion Group

You’re invited to join a group to explore together how we have been changed by the virus – the good, the bad, the hopeful – and who we want to be and the world we envision after the pandemic.  The purpose of the group is making friends, growing spiritually, and co-creating a beautiful, justice, sustainable future together.

The group will meet every two weeks for 1 ¼ hours on-line on Zoom, for the next two months and we’ll reassess after that.  Each group will have about seven members and be facilitated by trained facilitators, including Rev. Mellen, Jeff Taft-Dick, Laurel Green and Sharon Mueller.  Help will be provided for new Zoom users; you may also dial into the group by telephone.   All Welcome!

We have groups planned for Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.  It’s not too late to join one!

If You’re interested in participating in a group, please email   uuspringfieldvt@gmail.com



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