The Work Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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The Springfield UU Meetinghouse is continuing to function at full tilt on-line! We have had many meetings, groups and services on-line using Zoom these past months. It’s wonderful to stay connected. At the on-line “Tea Time” I hosted, the ten of us who were on the call enjoyed seeing each other and sharing stories and experiences. We were finding a lot of silver linings in the current changes. One person said she missed being with people and it was heart-warming to be able to see and talk with her friends electronically. The technology has been such a great blessing that has enabled us to keep going. – Rev. Mellen Kennedy

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“Nurturing the Spirit, Healing the World”

The Unitarian Universalist Church in Springfield has been a voice for liberal religion for over 200 years.

We are a welcoming and supportive community for people of all ages. We value the open mind and encourage each person to question and develop their own faith. We love a warm heart and generous spirit. Together, we seek the creation of a more loving and just world, and aspire to live sustainably on the Earth.

Weekly Sunday morning services at  10 am on Zoom.

“Racial Amity” with Dr. William Smitty Smith and Rev. Mellen Kennedy

April 18, 2021

Race relations in America will not substantially improve unless the public discourse on race moves beyond the blame-grievance-rejection framework to one that recognizes and celebrates our ability to overcome racial prejudice through association, amity, and collaboration. While the tradition of racial oppression was unfolding, a parallel tradition, largely hidden and poorly understood, was demonstrating some of the most positive qualities to be found in American history. This “other tradition”, of close collaboration, amity, and love has served as the moral and spiritual counterweight to the dominant tradition of racism that occupies so much of our national history. The other tradition offers a new entry point for the public discourse on race.  Please join us for watch party of the film, An American Story: Race Amity and The Other Tradition, which will be shown by the Springfield Library on April 14 at 6 pm.  The film is free, but you must pre-register at
William H. “Smitty” Smith, EdD, Founding Executive Director, National Center for Race Amity. With a background in public education administration and communication, he promotes cross racial/cross cultural amity as a means of moving America towards E Pluribus Unum. He was the Executive Director of the Center for Diversity in Communication Industries at Emerson College. He is the concept creator/Co-Executive Producer for the 2018 documentary, An American Story: Race Amity and The Other Tradition. He was the principal organizer of the State Bill establishing Race Amity Day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He co-authored, with Dr. Richard Thomas, Race Amity: America’s Other Tradition (2019)
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Meeting ID: 613 077 9853


Friends on the Path Discussion Groups

Have you been taking stock and looking to connect with what’s important in your life, with people who share a desire to delve deeper, with time to listen to your voice within?  Perhaps a Friends on the Path Group would fit the bill.  Each group meet on-line twice a month (one group meets weekly).  We have four groups each of which offers an opportunity for friendship, support and spiritual growth, in an open, non-coercive environment that allows us to explore the challenges and the gifts of these times. These interfaith groups are open to everyone and facilitated by a trained leader and have a set of relational ground rules to create a safe, respectful environment.
Hope You’ll join us as we explore how we can create a beautiful, just, compassionate, sustainable world together.  In each meeting, we explore a different topic, including spiritual practice such as gratitude, forgiveness, being in nature, prayer,  meditation and more. Not sure if a group is for You? Chat with Sharon Mueller or Rev. Mellen Join us:
Dial in: +1 646 558 8656    Meeting ID: 613 077 9853


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