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28 Benefits of Gratitude & Most Significant Research Findings

Gratitude and Emotional Benefits

Evidence has shown that practicing gratitude can...



1.  Make us happier

2. Increase psychological well being

3. Enhance our positive emotions 

4. Increase our self-esteem 

5. Keep suicidal thoughts and attempts at bay


Gratitude and Social Benefits

In our social sphere, regularly practicing gratitude can...



6. Make people like us!

7. Improve our romantic relationships 

8. Improve our friendships 

9. Increase social support

10. Strengthen family relationships in times of stress


Gratitude and Personality Benefits

Gratitude can…


11. Make us more optimistic

12. Increase our spiritualism

13. Make us more giving

14. Indicate reduced materialism

15. Enhance optimism 


Gratitude and Career Benefits

In the workplace, gratitude can…



16. Make us more effective managers

17. Reduce impatience and improve decision-making

18. Help us find meaning in our work

19. Contribute to reduced turnover

20. Improve work-related mental health and reduce stress


Gratitude and Physical Health


To improve your physical health, practicing gratitude can...



21. Reduce depressive symptoms

22. Reduce your blood pressure

23. Improve your sleep

24. Increase your frequency of exercise

25.  Improve your overall physical health


Gratitude’s Role in Recovery


Gratitude may…



26. Help people recover from substance misuse

27. Enhance recovery from coronary health events

28. Facilitate the recovery of people with depression





There you have it! 28 proven ways practicing gratitude can impact your life.



Go and be grateful!




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