Dec 022014

All Services begin at 10 a.m., except our December 21st Candlelight Solstice Service which begins at 5pm and is followed by a High Tea =

December 7: “The Nourishing Dark”

with Rev. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy

As the days become shorter and the nights longer, we often feel resistant to the change. Yet there are spiritual lessons for us to learn from these times. This worship service will be an opportunity to explore the possible blessing of darkness. A small group discussion on this theme will follow the coffee hour. Rev. M’ellen will facilitate. All welcome.


Dec. 14 How Christmas GREW, and Possibly WHY!

Guest minister: Rev. Sandra Whippie

The service will address the beginning thoughts of Christmas as understood in the modern world, and how the traditions grew into a conglomerate of practices as Christmas is celebrated today.

From the ‘virgin birth’ to the threat of influences of capitalism, Rev Whippie will share her ideas of how the original gifts became wrapped in layers of tradition from many sources and introduce ideas of why this may have happened.

These understandings might help each of us better consider the holidays and manage the barrage of media, information and opportunities for various ways of enjoying the coming weeks.


Dec. 21 “Candlelight Solstice Service” at 5pm


Dec. 28: Traditional Fire Ceremony

Service leader: JoAnn Gaffron-Hargrove

In preparation for the coming of the New Year, you are invited to join in our traditional Fire Ceremony.

You will have time to reflect on the things from the past that you wish to free yourself from, write them down and them them go by giving them to the fire to burn away. Following that release, you will focus on those things you want to accomplish, work on or change in your life during the coming year. You will write these down and put them in a self-addressed envelope to be returned to you near the end of 2015.

The reflection will deal with the obstacles in making changes and some strategies for overcoming them.