Sep 082015
Small Group Meetings  for Friendship and Spiritual Growth
Our Small Group Meetings will be starting  again in September.  Small Groups are an opportunity for friendship and spiritual growth.  Groups of usually no more than 10 people get together to listen to each other’s ideas and share.  Each meeting has a specific topic and is led by a trained facilitator.  The groups give us a chance to get to know each other in a more unhurried way than coffee hour or a quick conversation before church. The groups have relational agreements to create an environment conducive to community building and spiritual exploration.  Those who participated last year say they thoroughly enjoyed their time together and treasure the insights gained and stories shared.

We will be meeting September through May.


If you have questions or wish to sign up you can contact Ellen Allman 802-463-5129 or There are two ongoing groups which meet once a month on Thursdays.  There is also a drop-in group facilitated by Rev. M’ellen usually once a month on one of the Sundays when she is in Springfield.  Come try out a group on Sunday, September 20 from noon to 1:15, after the coffee hour.  The theme of the group this time will be Connecting with Nature and it will be facilitated by Rev. M’ellen.  If there is more interest, we’ll be starting additional groups.  And Rev. M’ellen will offer a training at an area UU congregation most likely in October for those who would like to learn more or possibly become a facilitator. 

All welcome!
Oct 202014

Healing and Transformation in Small Groups

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Registration, coffee and light snacks starting at 9

Hosted by the Springfield Unitarian Universalist Church

21 Fairground Road, Springfield, VT 05156

Rev. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy, Leader

WORKSHOP PURPOSE: In the past decade many congregations have adopted Small Group Ministry (or Covenant Groups) to address the needs of friendship, spiritual growth and service in our congregations. The focus of our day will be exploring the question, “What leads to healing and transformation in small groups?” We’ll cover topics such as inviting epiphanies; what is spiritual growth and what nurtures it; cultivating respect; creating a compassionate group environment; developing your presence as a facilitator; using all of our capacities as facilitators – heart and mind, left and right hemispheres. The workshop will help You enjoy facilitating more and make the group experience as transformational and vitalizing as possible for Yourself and the other participants. We’ll end with how to bring this powerful work back to our congregations and out into our aching, broken world. If You have attended programs with Rev Kennedy in the past, this workshop has new material and focuses on the big picture of why and how this approach works and matters.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: The workshop is intended for folks who would like an introduction to Small Group Ministry as well as those who are experienced facilitators who are eager to take the group experience to a higher level. It works very well to have in the mix new and more experienced members together.

LEADER: Rev. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy is passionate about the power of Small Groups to feed our souls and help heal our ills. Her doctoral dissertation at the University of Illinois was on worldview transformation in small groups. She has been involved with lay led small groups for over 30 years as a facilitator, trainer, organizer, researcher and writer. Participants love her workshops and come away with fresh perspectives on the power of small groups and with renewed enthusiasm about their work as facilitators. Rev. Kennedy is a co-founder of the UU Small Group Ministry Network, and started and served for four years as editor of the Small Group Ministry Quarterly. She lives in Vermont where she serves the Washingotn Unitarian Universalist Church.

Fee*, Registration& Lunch: The workshop fee, which includes an information packet for each participant, is $35 for individuals and $25 for seminarians. Please brign a sack lunch or a potluck dish to share. Please register by October 29, 2014.

*FEE IS WAIVED FOR MEMBERS OF THE SPRINGFIELD UU CHURCH. The workshop fee, which includes an information packet, is.$35 for individuals and $25 for seminarians (scholarships available). Please bring a sack lunch or a potluck dish to share. . Registration deadline is October 29, 2014.

For registration form, or for questions, contact Rev. M’ellen Kennedy at or 802-453-5469.