The Work Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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Oct 212020

November 29: “On the Cooperation of Trees, the Resilience of the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin and the Retirement of my Plumber” with the Rev. Dr. Nancy Jay Crumbine

In Memory and in Honor of Beau DuBray,
Dartmouth freshman from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
of South Dakota

This sermon is on grief, resilience, gratitude, and the radical interdependence which we keep forgetting, without which we do not survive. Readings will be from Robin Wall Kimmerer’s exquisite book, Braiding Sweetgrass.


November 1: Election Stressed?  Gather for Community & Garlic Communion! with Rev. Mellen Kennedy

We’re at the height of the autumn holidays and harvest. And it’s also a time for planting things like garlic and the seeds of our hopes & medicine for the coming year.  Drop into this time of centering, community and inspiration as we head into an interesting week in the history of our nation.  Join Rev. Mellen Kennedy and the UU Meetinghouse Online on Sunday, November 1, 10 am, via Zoom:  .  All welcome!

November 8: “Healing Our Divided Nation”with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy

Regardless of the outcome of the election, our country is in great need of healing.  Where can we look for inspiration?  Rugby, of all places!  Join us for envisioning a harmonious, restored nation and an exploration of our part in that.   

November 15: “The Body Is Our Teacher: Nature Awareness, Somatic Meditation and Spirit Writing” Spiritual Makerspace Service with Qayyum Johnson

The Springfield UU community invites you to a creatively engaged Spiritual Makerspace gathering  that will offer you new tools to drop into profound states of spaciousness, relaxation and joy. Surprise yourself by encountering the mysterious and powerful life force that courses below the surface of your everyday mind.

Join Qayyum Johnson in a heart-led experiential workshop that will explore what happens when we move our awareness from the logical, linear and linguistic left brain where we live most of our modern lives, and attune/commune with the non-conceptual energy field beneath and around our thinking minds.

We will talk about what the more-than-human natural world has to teach us about how to live in balance, then we will engage in deeply relaxing meditative positions that encourage us to feel through our bodies directly. At the end of the workshop, we’ll have a brief writing exercise that will seek to bypass our inhibited consciousness and allow our unique blessings to find expression in language.

*We will be doing some guided meditations that are ideally done lying down, please plan to join Zoom and be able to comfortably sit or lie down near your computer so that you’re able to hear instructions.

**We’ll also be doing a creative spiritual writing exercise, so please also have paper and writing utensils ready to use during the gathering.

Qayyum was born into an American Sufi family and grew up in intentional communities. Bricolage poet/writer, sculptor, sound & video artist & ordinary person inspired by indigenous, folk & street traditions & mash-ups—revolutionary life that stirs the body and mind to reconnect with elemental truth. He was an organic vegetable farmer and resident Zen student at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center / Green Dragon Zen Temple for more than ten years. Qayyum has studied & practiced myriad spiritual paths, served on an interfaith street chaplaincy board, and corresponds with incarcerated men seeking contemplative comrades.
Qayuum lives at Art Monastery Vermont, in the aboriginal Abenaki Dawnland of modern Vermont, alongside Kwanitekw, the Long (Connecticut) River.

November 22: “Tall Tales: Time for a Break from Reality! ” with JoAnn Gaffron-Hargrove

We have all been having to deal with some heavy duty issues for months now. Let’s give ourselves a much needed break from reality. By using our imagination, we can escape to worlds where anything is possible. Imagination can be a powerful tool to find solutions to problems, to relieve stress and challenge assumptions.  We have three delightful, original tall tales to share with you, as well as some inspirational thoughts and great music. Come and exercise your imagination and have some fun!  Service team: JoAnn Gaffron-Hargrove, Tina Feindel, Antonia Streeter, Mimi Yahn, Max Meserve, Julane Deener, Bill Brink