Sep 012018
September 30, “From Shock to Ease: Keep Calm and Love On” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy One of the features of our modern public sphere is that we are being bombarded continuously and intentionally with upsetting, unprecedented, alarming news that destabilizes and disarms us emotionally, physically and spiritually.  When we’re in this state of confusion and perhaps despair, we’re unable to actively create the wonderful world we need now.  Let’s not fall for this barrage of shock.  Come find out why this is so important and how we can resist it individually and collectively.  A small group discussion on the subject facilitated by Rev. Mellen will follow the coffee hour.

September 9: Annual Water Communion In-Gathering with Rev. Mellen Kennedy
We commence our church year as we reconvene our community after the summer months when we’ve had less gatherings.  This will be an intergenerational service in which each of us is welcome to bring water collected from our summer excursions and combine the waters together as a symbol of our community reassembling.  We’ll begin to explore the them for the year, “Leaping into the World We Need”.  Share the Plate recipient this week will be BRAT, the Black River Action Team.  Ice Cream Social after the coffee hour.
September 16:”We the People”an Intergenerational Celebration of Constitution Day with Diane Kemble  We’ll explore the promises in the Preamble to the Constitution and how closely our Unitarian Universalist Principles align with those promises.
We’ll also consider President Coolidge’s reminders such as, “The Constitution of the United States is the final refuge of every right that is enjoyed by any American.”
September 23: “Gather in Love” with Hilary Mullins 
The Reverend Hosea Ballou, who led the Universalist denomination well into the 19th century, was an able and moving speaker in the pulpit.  Preaching for a total of six decades, he challenged  the fire and brimstone talk of his Calvinist brethren with a powerful theology of love. Come learn more about this charismatic, brilliant forefather while we explore the relevance of his old-time Universalism in our world today.
Hilary Mullins has studied at Starr King, the UU seminary in Berkeley, and is a graduate of the Vermont Academy of Spiritual Training, a lay-training program of the Congregationalist Church. She is also an alum of The Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction. A writer, teacher, and part-time preacher, she lives in Bethel, Vermont.

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