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Want to learn more about Howard Thurman, but don’t know where to start? We can help.





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 "For the Inward Journey: The Writings of Howard Thurman" published in 1984. 


The essence of Dr. Howard Thurman (1900-1981) and his thought emerges in a message of hope, reconciliation, and love. An anthology of the most important and eloquent writings of Thurman, minister, philosopher, educator, and spiritual leader whose influence on leaders of the civil rights movement and on Americans at large has been likened to that of Martin Luther King, Jr.




Jesus and the Disinherited by Howard Thurman

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"Jesus and the Disinherited" published in 1996 

In this classic theological treatise, the acclaimed theologian and religious leader Howard Thurman (1900-1981) demonstrates how the gospel may be read as a manual of resistance for the poor and disenfranchised. Jesus is a partner in the pain of the oppressed and the example of His life offers a solution to ending the descent into moral nihilism. Hatred does not empower–it decays. Only through self-love and love of one another can God’s justice prevail.


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"With Head and Heart: The Autobiography of Howard Thurman" published in 1979

Howard Thurman was a unique man-a black minister, philosopher, and educator whose vitality and vision touched the lives of countless people of all races, faiths, and cultures. 



"Conversations with Howard Thurman" interviewed by Landrum Bolling.



Howard Thurman : "What Do You Want, Really?"





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