The Work Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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Oct 012019
 October 27, Heritage of Mind and Heart  with Diane Kemble What do we carry from our ancestors and pass on to our children? What is in our carefully loaded ship? How does living our Unitarian Universalist Principles help provide guidance for all generations?
In a house which becomes a home,
one hands down and another takes up
the heritage of mind and heart,
laughter and tears, musings and deed
s. –   Antoine de Saint-Exupery


October 6,  “Music Alone Shall Live”  with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy
Twenty years ago, members of the Meetinghouse had a vision — They created the Music and Piano Fund which resulted in the purchase of the beautiful piano that we now use in the sanctuary.   Let’s celebrate the power of music and the vision of those folks back then. And let’s look ahead to what we would like to see in our musical experience here at the meetinghouse in the next two decades.  Mellen will report on her trip to UU Songleaders Convergence in Denver and share ideas about what we might envision for the future. This service will be a lead up to the workshop the next week on the13th after the Souper Sunday to be led by Rev. Dave Ruffin.
October 13, “Spiritual Homecoming” with Rev. Dave Ruffin and Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy Join us for a service of renewal inspired by the high holy days of the Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement. Because we humans are such forgetful animals, forgetting our inherent worth and unconditional belonging, we need to support each other in remembering ourselves back into wholeness. And we need space to forgive and be forgiven for the consequences of our forgetting. This Sunday will be such a space.   Stay for the Souper Sunday and the “Sing Out UU’s!”  Workshop.  See Dave’s bio with the music workshop announcement below.
October 20,  “Cooperatives and Social Change” with Debbie Diegoli  We’ll discuss the role of cooperatives in the Civil Rights and other social movements and explore what makes co-ops a suitable model for social justice now and in the future.  Debbie Diegoli has worked in a variety of roles at a number of Upper Valley non-profit organizations, and currently serves as Administrative Assistant for the Meetinghouse. She is a board member of the Upper Valley Food Co-op in White River Junction and is a member of several other cooperatives. Deb lives in Weathersfield.

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