The Work Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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Oct 042018

October 28: “Dorothy Day: The World Will be Saved by Beauty: An Intimate Portrait of My Grandmother.” Weathersfield native Kate Hennessy will share stories of her grandmother, a journalist, social activist, and co-founder of the Catholic Workers movement, who is now being considered for canonization. Come hear the inside story of this fascinating woman!

October 7: “Our Pets, Our Friends” with Glen Williams and Hallie Whitcomb  We’ll explore how we learn from them.-  “We are theirs, they are not ours.”
“The gift of connectedness to other creatures extends kinship and affection which mitigates our human loneliness…and liberates imagination to the fact that nature itself is indivisible, interdependent and interactive.” (from “We Animals” by Nadya Aisenberg). This service is intergenerational and will be interactive with time to share short stories about our animal friends.
Share the Plate collection to benefit the Springfield Humane Society.

October 14 “Soul, Soil and Our Social Networks: Or How I Became Fungist”
with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy and Laurel Green

As we leap into the world we need, let’s ground ourselves, literally, in the earth we stand on.  Is soil a spiritual issue?  I’ve come to think that it is.  Join us for an exploration of our connection with the invisible world beneath our feet and what this means for our souls’ survival. Please bring with You some organic matter such as leaves, to contribute to our soil restoration work at the meetinghouse.  We’ll end the service with a foray out to our pollinator gardens where we’ll spread the organic matter and pollinator seeds as we bless this beautiful piece of land that we’ve been entrusted to care for.   This service is intergenerational. You’re invited to stay for Souper Sunday after the service.

October 21, “Weaving the Fabric of Our Lives and Our Souls” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy and Toni Streeter. Special music by Mimi Yahn.
The modern industrial world was ushered in by a dramatic shift from homespun to factory produced fabrics.  What does this mean to who we are as humans and how we work, create and live? Why is this a spiritual issue? In the service, we’ll use the book, “Bread and Roses, Too” as a source of inspiration.  A small group discussion on the subject facilitated by Rev. Mellen will follow the coffee hour.

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