The Work Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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Sep 082015

Notes from the Trustees by Sharon Mueller

The Trustees met on a beautiful Sunday in August to plan for the coming year, and to inspire and be inspired! Lynne led us in beautiful song to set the tone for the day. One of the activities we participated in was a small group ministry discussion on Developing as Leaders. M’ellen shared a poem by John O’Donahue called, For a Leader, excerpts of which follow:
May you have the grace and wisdom 
To act kindly, learning
To distinguish between what is

Personal and what is not.

May you know the wisdom of deep listening,
The healing of wholesome words,
The encouragement of the appreciative gaze, 
The decorum of held dignity,
The springtime edge of the bleak question.
May you have a mind that loves frontiers
So that you can evoke the bright fields
That lie beyond the view of the regular eye.
May you have good friends
To mirror your blind spots.
May leadership be for you 
A true adventure of growth.
I would also like to share with you our Board Covenant, which helps inspire, and keep us on the Path!:

As members of the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Springfield, VT:
We will engage with one another, sharing the tasks of the Board and following through on what we have said we’d do, asking for help when needed and knowing this help will be willingly given.
We will listen to one another with open minds, speaking honestly and respectfully, staying on topic but embracing differences of opinion and honoring each other’s perspectives. Once a policy decision has been made, we will speak with one voice.
We will keep the lines of communication open between ourselves as a Board and the Congregation that has entrusted us with its leadership.
We will thank one another and appreciate each other’s gifts and contributions.
Again, we were inspired by our closing reading, inspired by Joanna Macy: 
When you act on behalf of something greater than yourself, you begin to feel it acting through you with a power that is greater than your own. This is grace.
If we practice drawing on the wisdom and beauty and strengths of our fellow human beings and our fellow species, we can go into any situation and trust that the courage and intelligence required will be supplied. This is grace.
Here’s a reminder that there are church committees that would love new members, so if you are looking for ways to contribute, check it out. The Worship Committee, and the Caring Committee are both looking for people just like You! Ask any board member how to connect.
The Board is looking forward to a rich and meaningful year, with good Sunday services, music from the Choir, Small Group Ministry groups, our Coffee House, and so much more. See you soon at Church!

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