The Work Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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Oct 302015

Every board meeting has some standard agenda items, including the treasurer’s report, minister’s report, etc. The good news is- its all good news! Bob says we have enough money in our checking account, and M’ellen reports that, from her perspective, we are doing well. Good news indeed!

One of the things that the Trustees are working on is an analysis of, and improvement of, church communications systems. As we plan for growth, having good communication with all the parts of our congregation is key. M’ellen has a template from another congregation that we’ll use as a guide in creating a communications document for us.

And one of the most important parts of that is our Church Directory. Because of the need to protect people’s privacy, we will be sending out a new form so you may indicate what kinds of information you are comfortable sharing, and what kinds you are not. Of course our Church will never share anyone’s private information beyond our community, but what kind of data are you comfortable sharing within it? Telephone? Email? Address? We need your phone number to have a working telephone tree, most often in case we need to cancel church because of bad weather. So we need to find the balance between public and private, within the context of our Church. Look for more on this topic!

It is both achingly sad and deeply meaningful to be preparing for the Memorial Service, on Sunday, November 8th at 3 pm,  for one of our own, Susan Hunter. This is what we do for each other- honoring the memories, supporting her family, saying goodbye. Susan had just joined the Board when her life took a different turn. Fare thee well, Dear One!

And we carry on… with Coffee Houses, Film Series, Small Group Ministries, SundayServices, great programs for our children, and so much more.  Let It Be a Dance We Do…!

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