Apr 302018


May 6 “Creating a Listening Community” with Sarah-Elizabeth Anderson and Rev. Mellen Kennedy  In any group or organization, the differences between the participants can be cause for conflict or a fertile opportunity for growth, insight and synergy.  Our ability to listen across our difference is the key.  We’ll learn about the powerful approach of creating Restorative Circles in communities to help navigate these kinds of challenges so that conflicts can be transformed and harmony can be restored.
Join us after the worship service for a workshop on “Creating a Listening Community: An Introduction to Restorative Circles,” which will be offered from 11:30 AM to 1 PM.  Sarah-Elizabeth Anderson is a Facilitator of Restorative Circles and former Chair of the Restorative Circles Facilitator Team at the UU Church of Concord, NH. She leads Restorative Circles Facilitator Trainings for communities across New England.

May 13: “Nurture” with Rev. Carol Allman-Morton. On Mother’s Day we honor those who mothered us throughout our lives. To nurture someone, is not only to love them, but to help them grow.  If we are lucky, many people will nurture us throughout our lives and care about us enough to help us figure out what is next. Rev. Carol Allman-Morton has been the minister at the Unitarian Universalist Meeting of South Berkshire, in Housatonic, Mass., since 2009. She is also the Director of Alumni Engagement at Amherst College (and the daughter of Ellen and Robert!).

May 20 “Initiate the Kids or They Burn Down the Village”  with Rev. Mellen Kennedy
Throughout human history, rites of passage for teens and young adults were understood to be necessary to help young people thrive. Unfortunately, this wisdom has been all but lost in our modern world.  Let’s learn what religious educators, psychologists and now neuroscientists can teach us about the spiritual, emotional, and mental unfolding of young people.  More importantly, let’s celebrate the opportunity that we as a community have to embrace and encourage youth and young adults.   The church is launching our own Coming of Age opportunity for early teens, where one of our youth is matched with an adult member of the congregation.  We’ll hear from our first mentor-mentee pair and we’ll learn how we can challenge ourselves to meet and support the kid today with where they are and what they’re facing. A Friends on the Path small group discussion on this topic will follow the coffee hour, facilitated by Rev. Mellen

May 27: “Yoga At Every Stage of Life” with Aimee Parnell
Come check out how yoga and meditation can improve your health and well-being. We’ll demonstrate sequences that soothe ailments like low back pain, headaches, indigestion, menstrual cramps, hot flashes, and arthritis. Yoga can also enhance your health during and after pregnancy, help you to avoid osteoporosis, and reduce your stress levels. Little ones also benefit from yoga through exercising their emotional intelligence, keeping their bodies mobile and limber, and having special bonding time with you! Come discover how yoga can enhance your life, at any stage!

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