Mar 042014

Services This Month: (Sundays at 10 a.m.)

March 2: ” SBNR?” – A reflection on what “Spiritual But Not Religious” means
Service Leader: Kitsy Winthrop

If I had even one dollar for the number of folks who hasten to tell me that they are spiritual but not religious, I would be financially set for life.  I’m pretty sure I understand what is meant by this assertion,  yet I am saddened that so many humans in the world believe that “spiritual” and “religious” need be mutually exclusive.  For me they are not, and I’ll try to explain why.

March 2nd is our Share-the-Plate to benefit Springfield Area Parent Child Center.

March 9  Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Service leader: JoAnn Gaffron-Hargrove

We do not enter this world with a road map to help us find and follow our Path through life. We often ask ourselves if we are doing what we were meant to do in this life. Are we on the right track; are we fulfilling our purpose? And yet I wonder—is there really a specific Path that each of us has? Are we overly concerned about it, so that we are missing it altogether?

March 16: Climate Change and Religious Communities
Guest Speaker:   Laurel Green from the UU Chester Parish

Laurel will focus on how we as members of religious communities can reflect and take action on climate change.  She will also share about the start up of the Climate Action Team at First Universalist Parish of Chester.
“I used to think the ‘big three’ were climate, biodiversity, and pollution, but after many years of work I think pride, apathy, and greed are even bigger. We need cultural and spiritual transformation, and science doesn’t do that – the church does that.” Gus Speth, 2007

March 23: “Standing on the Side of Love”

Service Leader: Rev. Carol Allman-Morton.

Let’s talk about love, covenant, and action!  Rev. Carol Allman-Morton has served the Unitarian Universalist Meeting of South Berkshire in Great Barrington, MA since 2009, and is Bob and Ellen’s daughter.  She lives in Northampton, MA.

Souper Sunday! March 23- Stay after the service to enjoy great soups, bread and conversation: just $4!

March 30: “Rebellion in the Mountains: Universalism in Vermont”
Service Leader: Steve Finner

In 1802, a small band of Universalists met in S. Stratford Vermont and penned what a year later would become the “Winchester Profession of Universalism.”  It declared that religion was a matter of individual conscience and that everyone, regardless of belief or origin was saved by a loving God.  To say it was a radical statement, probably the most radical since the birth of Jesus, is an understatement.  It triggered a meteoric growth of Universalist congregations through New England, especially in Vermont, and gifted us with a legacy that affects our religious lives even today.  Steve will share this vital and exciting history with us, along with some new songs.

Steve is the Minister of Music at the St. Johnsbury VT Universalist Unitarian Church and we are pleased to have him back with us.

***Singers please plan on meeting with Steve at 9:00 to rehearse some short pieces that will be sung during this service***

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