The Work Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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Feb 272019

March 31 “The First Step Towards Peace – Being Peaceful Within.” With Richard Czaplinski. 

Using his personal experience as a veteran, Richard is seeking a way out of suffering and toward a more harmonious world.  He’ll share what he has gleaned from his decades of internal work as a mediator.  And he’ll share ways that Veterans for Peace is motivating people and the planet toward a more peaceful world.  You’re invited to stay for a small group discussion and conversation with Richard from 11:30 till 12:30.

March 3 “Celebrating Shivaratri” w/Angie Follensbee-Hall and Rev. Mellen Kennedy.

March 4th is the feast of Shiva, Lord of the Dance in the Hindu religion.  We’ll celebrate with traditional Hindu music, called kirtan.  Our musicians,  Angie Follensbee-Hall and Josh Hall are from Jai Studio in Brownsville.  They’ll share their story of one year celebrating Shivaratri in India on an Island dedicated to Shiva.  Come join us for uplifting, sacred music and chant from India.  All welcome.

This is a Share the Plate Sunday.  We’ll be collecting donations (cash or gift cards) for people who are homeless or in other desperate situations.  See below for details.

Unfortunately we have had to cancel this service again!  March 10.  “Healing and Hope: More on the New Research on Psychedelics” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy 

We are in the midst of a Psychedelic Renaissance brought about by the loosening of government research restrictions in recent years.  Researchers are demonstrating that these medicines hold great promise addressing PTSD, depression, anxiety, end-of-life angst and many other conditions, by helping folks find meaning, hope and peace in themselves. Let’s explore this cutting edge development and the hope it holds for alleviating suffering. Reminder: Daylight Savings Time begins; remember to set your clocks ahead on Saturday night so you won’t be late!

March 17: “The Mystery of Sleep” with JoAnn Gaffron-Hargrove

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.”  Mahatma Gandhi

Sleep is the state in which we renew our energy and heal our bodies from the stress of the day.  There is much research on sleep, yet so much we have yet to understand. What happens to our brain during sleep: where do dreams come from and do they serve a purpose? Since we are partially absent in this state, we do we go?  In this service we will delve into the mystery of sleep.

March 24 “How Did We Do with the Meditation Challenge”  with Sharon Mueller and Tina Feindel.

March 24th marks the start of Springfield Wellness Week and our service is on this theme.  From early February till about the Equinox a bunch of us from the congregation have taken on the challenge to meditate every day with the hope of experiencing the wellness benefits that a regular practice can provide.  We’ll share with You what we did, what we learned and particularly the insight we got from our six weeks experiment.

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