The Works Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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Dec 302018

January 6: “Aha! The New Science of Psychedelics in Celebration of Epiphany” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy.  What better way to start the new year than with Michael Pollan’s new book, “How to Change Your Mind”.  Psychedelics or entheogens have been used in religious contexts by shamans, healers and religious leaders from time immemorial.  What can we glean from the practices of the ancient sages and from current and cutting-edge research?  Join us for an exploration of these challenging questions.
Followed by Souper Sunday lunch ($4 for members and friends; no cost for newcomers) and Friends on the Path small group discussion on the topic of the service.
January 13: “Labyrinth Service ” with Ellen Allman  The sanctuary will be set-up with a simple labyrinth for our annual labyrinth service.  Ellen will talk a little about the history of walking labyrinths.  There will be songs, readings  and an opportunity to walk the labyrinth.  There will also be a lap labyrinth that can be used by anyone not wishing to walk the larger one.
CANCELLED, WILL BE RESCHEDULED FOR FEBRUARY 17.  January 20: “Where Do We Go from Here?” with Rev. Patience Stoddard What can we learn from Martin Luther King’s latest writings to help us find a way forward?
January 27: “My Climate Journey” with Carol Stedman
Local Climate Leader Carol Stedman will speak on her experience as a climate activist at the Springfield Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse on Sunday, January 27, at 10 am.
Carol Stedman is a local  Vermont Farmer, and a Climate Reality Leader.  She runs Clay Hill Corners Blueberry Farm with her husband in Hartland VT.  She is a Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Daughter, Caretaker, Sister, Friend, Farmer, Political Activist.  She says
“It is difficult to make sense of our current toxic politics and the frightening warming of our planet. My anger and despair after the 2016 election was profound. Doing nothing felt like a slow miserable decline into darkness. However, on the day of the 2017 Woman’s March, I felt the first glimmer of hope after my dismay over the election results.  Participating in that positive action led me to the decision to take at least one positive political action per day for 100 days.  One action led to another and after many letters, phone calls, marches, gatherings, weeks, months and  years, I decided that my next positive action was to go to Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Training in October of 2017. from Hartland VT   What i learned there has given me focus and tools to bring Climate Awareness to my Vermont community and have Climate Conversations that inspire Climate Action.  My Climate journey has been constant throughout the dramas, illnesses and personal family crisis that the past year has brought. I would like to share my climate journey which is also a spiritual journey with you.”   All welcome!


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