Jan 252015

10am Sundays

Child Care Available. We are a Welcoming Community.

Feb 1: “The True Wisdom of the Groundhog, er, Woodchuck”

Service Leader: Becky Eno, Guest Speaker from the Rutland UU

At this time of year, serious people observe spiritual holidays like Imbolc and Candlemas as a way of sweeping away the darkness and the cold, and honoring faith in the latent fertility of the Earth. But what about Groundhog Day? Beyond the media-hyped appearance of poor, exploited Punxsutawney Phil, what do REAL woodchucks have to tell us about the oh-so-slow coming of spring – and about how to live year-round?


Feb 8: “My Call to Ministry: Celebrating Community Ministry Sunday”

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy

Congregations in the Unitarian Universalist Association are encouraged to celebrate Community Ministry Sunday in early February. Community ministries include hospital and prison chaplains, spiritual directors, choir directors and even street musicians. “Ministry is where your gifts and great passion meet the needs of the world”, it’s been said. I believe that each of us is here for a reason. I’ll offer a bit about my journey as an invitation for each of us to reflect on our own. This worship service will build on our conversation on January 18 about the future of religion. Hope You’ll join us for one or both. ~ Rev. M’ellen

Feb 15:  “Artists and Poets Help Us See the World”

Service Leader: Diane Kemble and the children

The children have been learning about artists, poets, and others who help us celebrate the world around us. What connections can we make with our UU Principles?


Feb 22: “Celebrating Shivaratri: Lord of The Dance”

Service Leader: Rev. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy

Shiva. Lord of the Dance, is one of the major faces of God in the Hindu view. His holiday, Shivaratri, will be celebrated February 17 by many Hindus in song, ritual, offering and dance. In Shiva, we discover the flowing of abundance, of moving in sync with the continual dance of Birth, Preservation, Destruction and Rebirth.

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