The Work Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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Jan 272020

February 23: “Don’t Have a Cow, Now.” with Rev. Buffy Boke 

We are all deeply concerned about the effects of a warming planet on our lives – indeed, on all life. A few thoughts on how to go forward from where we are.

The Rev. Beverly Morrison Boke — called “Buffy” by just about everyone — was called and settled as minister to the Canton, Massachusetts congregation in August 2011, from which she retired in July of 2017. Immediately prior to that, she served on the Administration Team as a guidance counselor for three years at the American Community School in Beirut, Lebanon. Buffy was ordained at the Unitarian Church of Barnstable in 1985. She has served Unitarian Universalist congregations in Newport News, Virginia; Hartland Four Corners, Weathersfield, and Chester, Vermont; and Andover, New Hampshire, and she has supplied pulpits in many other Vermont and New Hampshire towns. Buffy now lives with Nick, her husband of 39 years, in Providence, Rhode Island.

February 2: “The Art of Blessing: An Imbolc Meditation” with Charis Boke

February 1-2 are the halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. In northern European traditions, this is a time when lambs are born and the goddess Brigid’s blessing is sought for creative projects for the year–including the seeds that will be planted in the ground. Share the Plate offering to help buy snacks for kids using the library after school

 February 9: “Reclaiming Patriarchy” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy

“Patriarchy is a form of creativity that needs to be rediscovered in our time.” writes Thomas
Moore. Huh? “We have weakened the nobility of fatherhood in our time by mistaking
imperialism in business and government for genuine paternal leadership.” Moore continues.
Wow! This is the last Sunday Rev. Mellen will be with us before she takes off for a two-month
sabbatical. She will leave us with a parting question and challenge. Come join us for an
exploration of how we might reclaim patriarchy and how we individually and collectively might
exercise paternal leadership regardless of what kind of body we inhabit. You’re invited to stay
for a Friends on the Path Small Group Discussion on the topic after the Souper Sunday.

February 16: “Word Service” with Tina Feindel, Sharon Mueller 

At our annual celebration of words this year, a few folks will share what turns them on about a particular word. And we will learn about and play with, color cinquains! Come find out what they are!

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