The Work Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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Jan 242019

February 3: “Word Service” with Tina Feindel and Toni Streeter  Our annual service on the meaning and impact of words will focus on helpful words vs.unhelpful ones.  While most people are thoughtful,  sometimes we can get hurt by the words people use. Come explore words with us!

Feb. 10.  “A Celebration of Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday!” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy Susan B. Anthony and her lifelong friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton, are two of the most inspiring resisters in our nation’s history.  They birthed the women’s suffrage and women’s rights movement from their homes in upstate New York and worked with creativity, perseverance and great skill and strategy.  Susan’s birthday is February 15.  Let’s gather to remember, learn about and from these legendary women and glean from their lives lessons for leaping into the world we need now.  Come dressed as a suffragette or ally! Birthday Cake following the service at Souper Sunday!  A Small Group Discussion will follow the Souper Sunday.

For more about Susan B. Anthony see susan-b-anthony-celebration-on-2018-02-10

February 17: “Where Do We Go from Here?” w/Rev. Dr. Patience Stoddard What can we learn from Martin Luther King’s latest writings to help us find a way forward? Patience was minister here from 1998-2006 and most recently served the UU Congregation of the Upper Valley.

CANCELLED: February 24 “Healing and Hope: More on the New Research on Psychedelics” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy  We are in the midst of a Psychedelic Renaissance brought about by the loosening of government research restrictions in recent years.  Researchers are demonstrating that these medicines hold great promise addressing PTSD, depression, anxiety, end-of-life angst and many other conditions, by helping folks find meaning, hope and peace in themselves. Let’s explore this cutting edge development and the hope it holds for alleviating suffering.

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