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Celebrating Bread & Puppet: Can Hope Be Defeated?

June 5, 2022: "Celebrating Bread & Puppet: Can Hope Be Defeated?" a Spiritual Makerspace Service with  Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy, Marc Estrin & Toni Streeter, 10 am Bread & Puppet Theatre was started by Peter Schumann in the early 1960's, migrated to Vermont in the 70's and has been a source of inspiration, hope and fun for many of us for decades.  Marc Estrin was a puppeteer and is a close companion of Peter Schumann.  Marc also co-authored the book, "Rehearsing with Gods: Photos and Essays on the Bread & Puppet Theatre." Both Rev. Mellen and Toni Love B & P.  We look forward to sharing with You our enthusiasm & reflections on the spiritually uplifting message and magic of B & P. You're invited to bring your own favorite B & P art to share  for others to enjoy.  Followed by an in-person and "virtual" coffee hour.


Bread & Puppet Posters



Cheap Art Manifesto from Bread & Puppet



All Good Things from Bread & Puppet 



Blue Series from Bread & Puppet



​Resistance of the Mind Flowers



 We Grass from Bread and Puppet




"We give you a piece of bread with the puppet show because our bread and theater belong together. For a long time the theater arts have been separated from the stomach. Theater was entertainment. Entertainment was meant for the skin. Bread was meant for the stomach. The old rites of baking, eating and offering bread were forgotten. The bread became mush. We would like you to take your shoes off when you come to our puppet show or we would like to bless you with the fiddle bow. The bread shall remind you of the sacrament of eating..."

- Peter Schumann, Co-Founder and Director of Bread & Puppet Theater

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