Sep 112017
Coffee House, Peggy Rishel with “Heron Fire”
Saturday, September 23, 7 pm

“We’ve often been asked to describe what kind of music we do and have found that
performing is much easier to do than explaining.. That’s because the songs we play
aren’t limited to any one style. You’ll hear folk, rock, country, comedy, blues, jazz and
even a smattering of original material. Many of the songs are favorites of ours from a
long history of performing together, some are more recent, but all are our own
arrangements – rich with tight vocal harmonies and a unique sound and style of guitar
In short, we feel that we provide a genuine sound, along with a versatility and creativity
that’s undeniably our own. Making music has always been fun for us and we do our best to make our audiences feel “at home” with use, our music and the places we play.

– Peggy Rishel with “Heron Fire”

All Welcome.  Doors open at 6:30, music starts at 7pm.   This is a family-friendly evening of music and fun.   You will be able to purchase delicious snacks and beverages. 

Aug 282017

This award winning documentary directed by Sam Bozzo is based on the book BLUE GOLD: THE FIGHT TO STOP

Water drops into a cave pool oregon

THE CORPORATE THEFT OF THE WORLD’S WATER by Maude Barlow and Tony Clark. The film examines the problems created by the privatization and commoditization of water.  1 hour 29 minutes Doors open at 6:45 pm and movie starts at 7 pm.  Popcorn and beverages served.  No charge. All welcome!

Aug 022017



“It’s such a pleasure to be here!  As many of you also know, I am the grand daughter of Robert Dick, who was a minister at this very church for several years. And you are of course familiar with my Dad and his active role here. As such, I am the “third generation” on my father’s side to address this room.”

For the complete text of Joya’s remarks go here:


Jul 272017

backpack-project-aug-2017-copy-281x500As members of the Association of Springfield Area Churches (ASAC) we’ll be helping to collect school supplies to fill backpacks for students who need of them.  ASAC will pass the filled backpacks along to school guidance counselors to give to students. The list of materials that we need is linked below:

We’ll be collecting backpacks and supplies here at the church and then drop them off at North Springfield Baptist Church during the last week of August.

You can provide either complete backpacks, empty backpacks, or individual supplies.   Please have all donated items here by Sunday, August 27th.

We’re also looking for someone to deliver the backpacks to the North Springfield Baptist Church between Aug 27-Aug 30 (they’ll be open from 9am to 6pm).


Jul 242017
September 24: Peace Pole Re-Dedication with Rev. M’ellen Kennedy
Twenty years ago, on Sept 28, 1997, the Springfield UU Congregation dedicated the Peace Pole on the patio outside peace-pole-sep-2017-copy-363x500the sanctuary.  We’ll commemorate this event and rededicate the Peace Pole in our intergenerational worship service on September 24.  If the weather permits, part of the service will be outside on the patio.  Learning how to live peacefully in the world, with each other, with the Earth, with folks of all religions and races, is the aim of religions.  We’ll tie this event in with our theme for the year, “Exploring the World’s Religions – Paths to Peace.”  The choir is preparing some special music.  In the service on September 24, we’ll re-dedicate not just the pole, but more importantly ourselves, to this crucial work of being instruments of peace in our beautiful and broken world.  In this fractious time, peace-keepers and peace cultivators are critically needed. —————————————————————————————————————————————–September 10: Annual Water Communion In-Gathering with Rev. M’ellen Kennedy
We commence our church year as we reconvene our community after the summer months when we’ve had less gatherings.  Each of us is welcome to bring water collected from our summer excursions and combine the waters together as a symbol of our community reassembling.  We’ll explore water as a symbol of spirituality.  Join us as we embark on a year- long exploration of the world’s religions and take a dive into the depth of our souls

September 17: Dances of Universal Peace with Sandra Walia Guilow
We’ll continue exploring the world’s religions, this week through dance.  The Dances of Universal Peace are simple, meditative, joyous, multi-cultural circle dances that use sacred phrases, chants, music and movements to touch the spiritual essence in ourselves and recognize it in others.  No musical or dance experience of any kind is required.  And everyone is welcome (but not pressured) to join in.  The Dances focus on PEACE — creating a sense of solidarity and community, while celebrating and understanding the unity of all spiritual traditions on the Earth.  Come and be a part of the circle that connects all of humanity. Sandra Walia Guillow is a seasoned and enthusiastic dance leader from Connecticut who will help us find ease and grace and will be accompanied by her musician husband Shems WIlliam Guillow.  For more info

August 2017 Services

August 6, Picnic and Vesper Service

2016 Vespers Picnic

2016 Vespers Picnic

It has become a tradition that we gather once during the summer for a picnic and then a vesper(evening) service.

The date for this year is August 6th.  We will begin gathering at the church at 4:30 P.M. with time to catch up on how our summers are going.    Please bring your summer picnic favorite to share.  The Vesper Service will be after we have finished eating around 6:00.  All welcome!

The picnic and Vesper Service is organized by the Caring Committee.

Prior to the Vesper Service and Picnic, at 3:30 pm, there’ll be a walking tour of the Food Justice Summer Camp gardens and trails from Riverside School to St. Mark’s next door to us.

August 13:  “To Live Deliberately: Celebrating Thoreau” with Rev. M’ellen Kennedy

July 12th marked the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Henry David Thoreau, author of that great work, “Walden or

Life in the Woods.”  “I went to the woods to live deliberately”  is a quote


from “Walden,”  Thoreau is imploring us to wake up!  Let’s draw inspiration from Thoreau and look together at how we can have the courage to live with purpose and power.

August 27:  “Our Local Food Coop” with Lucy Georgeoff and Julie Jones.  Let’s explore how we can take back our lives by shopping locally, consuming local foods and eating foods that support our physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being.

Weekly Services resume on September 10th!

Jul 222017

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Jul 132017

Our congregation is collaborating with our neighbors, Riverside School and St. Marks, to help make this new project happen.  Next week the Riverside School Food Justice Summer Camp will start, running July 17 – 28,  for 4th-8th graders, Mon. – Thurs, 2-5 pm. Here’s a link to a short video:  Sign up through the All-4-One office at Riverside or email Becca Polk

Rich Cofrancesco and Dan Keebler

Rich Cofrancesco and Dan Keebler

Jeff Taft-Dick and Dan Keebler

Members of our congregation have created a walking path from Riverside though our property to St. Mark’s. This will make it safer for the kids to get to St. Mark’s where their big, beautiful organic garden is.  The path is about 90% done thanks to Richard Cofrancesco, Jeff Taft-DIck, Dan Keebler and M’ellen Kennedy.

On Friday July 14, Richard will be at the church by 8 AM (to beat the heat) to finish the project.  If You can help, just show up.
Wonderful that this is about done!

Jul 032017

July 23: “Looking at the World Through a Gender Lens” with Joya Taft-Dick

joya-taft-dick-profile-photoThe daughter of a UN humanitarian agency employee, Joya Taft-Dick grew up primarily in the developing world. Six formative years spent in Pakistan, between the ages of 12 and 18, solidified her interest at a young age in the particular challenges faced by women and girls around the world. She has spent the last 11 years working in the space where gender meets development, advocacy and human security. While her focus has largely been international — her work has taken her to Sri Lanka, Ghana, Cameroon and Senegal — last year’s election here brought that focus home, where women and minorities are nothing short of under attack by the policies of the current administration. She will be sharing highlights from this professional journey during her remarks, as well as the ways she maintains community, and self care, in the face of what can often feel like a relentless struggle for justice.

July 9: “Civil Disobedience: Thoreau for Today” with Rev. M’ellen Kennedy
Henry David Thoreau is the author of an essay entitled, “Civil Disobedience”, which has much to say to our current social and political environment. The 200th anniversary of Thoreau’s birth is July 12. We’ll continue a celebration of Thoreau by looking at the relevance of civil disobedience in our contemporary world. We hope You’ll join us as we explore taking back our lives from tyranny and injustice. Friends on the Path/Social Action Circle discussion facilitated by Rev. M’ellen will follow the coffee hour. All welcome..

Jun 052017



The Flower Communion is an annual tradition in UU churches. It was begun by a Unitarian minister in Czechoslovakia, Norbert F. Capek, who had started the first Unitarian church in that country in the 1920’s.
Norbert Capek preached that everyone was worthy, regardless of ethnic group, religion or creed. When the Nazis came to power this radical idea did not set at all well with them, and he was arrested and sent to the Dachau concentration camp where, sadly, he died.
We remember him with this beautiful ceremony each June and celebrate the fact that all people are welcome here as long as they treat each other with respect.

For more photos, see our Facebook page.

May 292017
   This Saturday (July 8th) Matt and Rev. M’ellen will host a campfire singalong, 7:30 pm at the church.  Everyone welcome!


New this year: SUMMER SERVICES

Services will be held on:
July 9 & 23;

Aug 13 & 27

More details soon!

There will also be a Picnic/Vespers Service on  August 6, 2017  The Caring Committee will be hosting a picnic and Vespers starting at 4:30. Plan on bringing a dish to share. More information will be coming.