The Work Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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Sep 292020

October 4: “Sweet Forgiveness: A Yom Kippur Celebration: with Rev. Dr. Nancy J. Crumbine

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Jay Crumbine is a professor at Dartmouth College, a Unitarian Universalist minister, a writer, actor, and public speaker. She has lectured widely under the auspices of the Vermont and New Hampshire Humanities Councils, the National Council for the Aging, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and various educational conferences, both in the US and the UK. She is the author of Humility, Anger, and Grace: Meditations Towards a Life that Matters and The Unitarian Paradox. Her articles and poems appear in a number of anthologies, most recently in two volumes of The Still Poodle Poets. She speaks regularly at First Universalist Parish of Chester, VT and for the First Wednesdays Lecture Series of the Vermont Humanities Council.
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Aug 312020

September 13: Water Communion with Rev. Mellen Kennedy

Our first service of the new church year will be our annual water communion.

You’re encouraged to explore your local watershed and collect a sample of water for this service.

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September 20: “Blessed Stress: An Equinox Celebration” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy

Stress is a natural, necessary part of life on this planet, yet we tend to think of it as abhorrent.  What is stress really and what could possibly be the blessing of stress?  As we transition from summer to autumn and as we pass the six month mark of the pandemic state of emergency, let’s pause for deeper reflection.  What does the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions have to teach us about stress?  Join us for an exploration of living well and thriving in these interesting times.

September 27: “Power of Playing” with Caro Barschow 

Playing is a process of discovery and experimentation. Its benefits are immense: it cultivates agency, resilience and cooperation. It comes naturally for children, less so for adults. This service invites all ages and abilities to play in the Zoom environment, through simple movements and dialogue activities. At play, we will consider questions of justice and meaning-making relevant to the challenges and opportunities of these times.

Caro Barschow (she/they pronouns) is an educator, writer and seminarian at Boston University School of Theology. Caro’s spiritual influences are broad, woven by the thread of a belief that awakened hearts draw forth healing and transformation of people, planet and society. Caro first joined a Unitarian Universalist in 2006 and is an aspirant for ordination through the Unitarian Universalist Association. Caro lives in Cambridge, MA. This fall, she is interning (remotely) to support the Spiritual Makerspace project at UU Springfield Meetinghouse.


Jul 242020

August 2: “Dancing and Daring at Lughnasa” with Rev. Dr. Mary Ellen Eleanor Magdalena Kennedy

Our First Spiritual Makerspace Service!! 

Lunasa (Lughnasa) is the Celtic midsummer holiday celebrated on August 1st, the halfway point between the Solstice and the Equinox.  Last year, I had the exquisite pleasure of going to Ireland for the first time – a dream come true! On this journey, I experienced a profound connection with the people, the land, the language, the music, the books, the heritage and the inherited wisdom and trauma of my ancestors. Understanding prejudice, migration, servitude and enslavement through the lens of racialized trauma was a profound and unexpected gift of this journey.  Join me as we try to understand our modern American our multi-racial, multi-cultural experience.  A discussion facilitated by Rev. Mellen will follow the service on the subject of Ireland, racialized trauma and whatever is on your heart of mind.  

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August 16: “Your Mind Is A Garden” 10 am with Sharon Mueller, Julane Deener and Tina Feindel< 10 am via Zoom

“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds.  You can grow flowers, or You can grow weeds”. Peace Whisperer.  Join us for an exploration of tending our gardens and tending our souls.  In these challenging times, learning more how to tend to our internal spiritual and emotional well-being is key.
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August 30:  Vesper Service at 6 pm IN PERSON OUTSIDE THE MEETINGHOUSE

Our Vesper Service will be Sunday August 30th, weather permitting . This is an informal evening service.  This year, unfortunately, we’ll be unable to have our traditional potluck,  Masks required and “social distancing” will be observed. This service is being organized by the Caring Committee This is an opportunity for people to gather and share some quiet time, readings and stories. This service will not be on Zoom as the traffic and other outdoor noise would be a challenge for on-line listeners.

Questions can be directed to Ellen Allman 463-5129 or     

Jun 292020

July 5: “At Home with the Brave” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy

Are You out of sorts as You consider how to celebrate this coming holiday weekend?
Join us for a reflection on being at home with challenge, staying connected in a time of distancing and celebrating little acts of bravery.   One of the bravest things we can do is face the legacy of enslavement and racial injustice upon which this country was founded.

Service followed by discussion on how we’re responding to the racial justice uprising and “coffee hour


July 19: “Let’s Figure Out How to Figure Things Out” with JoAnn Gaffron-Hargrove


August 2: “Dancing and Daring at Lunasa” with Rev. Dr. Mary Ellen Kennedy

Lunasa is the Celtic midsummer holiday celebrated on August 1st.  Last year, I had the exquisite pleasure of going to Ireland for the first – a dream come true! On this journey, I experienced a profound connection with the land, the language, the music, the people, the books, the heritage and the inherited wisdom and trauma of my ancestors. Understanding prejudice, migration, servitude and enslavement through the lens of racialized trauma was a profound and unexpected gift of this journey.  Join me as we try to understand our modern American our multi-racial, multi-cultural experience.

Jun 012020

 June 28: Service with Rev. Joan Javier-Duval livestreamed from General Assembly

Rev. Joan Javier-Duvall, the amazing minister of the Montpelier Unitarian Church has been chosen to preach at the GA 2020 Sunday Morning Worship this year. No registration is needed to view this service. This powerful, communal worship experience will stream on at 10:00 a.m. EDT and again at 10:00 a.m. PDT. Members of the public are welcome to view the service. Let’s plan to join this service virtually on June 28th.

June 7:  “Healing Racial & Intergenerational Trauma: A Flower Power Communion” with Rev. Mellen Kennedy

June 14: “Resistence Is the Secret of Joy” with Rev. Mellen Kennedy

June 21: “Celebrating the Solstice as We Honor the Father in Uswith Tina Feindel, JoAnn Gaffron-Hargrove, Sharon Mueller

While the Spring Equinox is associated with the Mother, Nurturer of Life, the Summer Solstice is connected to the Father, the Protector and Builder of Life. If you choose, please bring a picture of your father, or important father figure, to share.

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Apr 292020

 Sunday May 31  “Spiral is a Growing Shape – Going Gently Inward before Outward” with Aimee Parnell

In times of stress or danger, many animals and plants curl up into a spiral shape. Incubation and germination also often happen in this shape: the growing organism slowly spiraling outward, unfurling gracefully in its own time.
As our community begins to reemerge from this period of isolation, let us pause to explore the feelings and sensations that accompany our collective journey from old world to new. We will take this opportunity to savor and  reflect upon the good deeds we have witnessed, the fears and sorrows we honor and invite to release, and the hopes that have survived this upheaval. We will practice lovingkindness to all facets of ourselves and others in the human and more-than-human world. In times of struggle, we deserve to offer ourselves more kindness, more love… not less. Both shadow and light are worthy of love. If you are struggling, this is an opportunity  to practice nourishing self-care in a supportive group. To get your heart beating to the rhythm of gratitude and to find a still, calm point from which to grow and reconnect.
Movement-based meditation will be offered during this service – the physical practice can be done seated in a chair or on a yoga mat. Adaptations will be described to provide options for a wide range of mobility levels.
Aimée has taught gentle and vinyasa yoga at studios and health clubs, adaptive chair yoga at senior centers, yoga classes for beginners, partner yoga to expectant couples, and mindfulness and movement meditation to both high school and preschool students. Aimée’s classes are heartfelt,  lighthearted, and accessible to all abilities and bodies. We will shape our body and breath as a moving meditation and conduit for positive energy.
With a B.A. in Psychology, it is natural that Aimee’s instruction includes elements of mindfulness-based stress reduction, an evidence-based program that offers secular mindfulness training to assist people with stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.

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May 3: “Less Is the New More” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy and Sharon Mueller. 

We’re experiencing that the activity of our lives has been dramatically reduced by the pandemic. On a planetary scale, as we humans are doing less, many of the other species are doing better, the air is cleaner, the water is clearer.  A less complicated life can be a more creative, more connected, more full life.  Many of us have been watching, “Planet of the Humans”, which has given us pause.  Let’s explore the myriad ways that less is more.  Special music by Laurel Green, Steve Crofter, Julane Deener and Matt Meserve (hopefully).

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May 17: “Sheltering in Peace: Home” with JoAnn Gaffron-Hargrove and Sharon Mueller

May 10: “Mothering Medicine for a World Being Reborn” with Rev. Mellen Kennedy and Neva Cockrell

Sunday May 24 “Rhythm Reset: Restoring Our Sense of Time”  with Toni Streeter and Rev. Mellen Kennedy

The recent disruption of our ordinary lives has altered our experience of time.  Let’s explore from a spiritual perspective how our perception of time affects our sense of well-being, harmony and balance. Toni is a sculptor, artist. She lives at Tree Farm Campground in Springfield and with her husband was the former owner of the campground.  She is a member of the Springfield Meetinghouse and her paintings are frequent beautiful additions to our services.

Mar 302020

April 26 :The Mountains Are Calling and We Must Go” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy and Ephraim 

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April 5: Sunday Service with Rev. Mellen Kennedy and Qayyum Johnson, “The Silly Side of Resilience: An April Fool’s Celebration”

The words “silly” and “resilience” come from the same root meaning health or well-being.  In recognition of April Fool’s Day, we’ll explore the connection between humor and our well-being particularly in these challenging times.
Bio: Qayyum Johnson is a bricolage poet/writer, sculptor, sound & video artist & ordinary person. He was an organic vegetable farmer and resident Zen student at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center / Green Dragon Zen Temple for more than ten years. Qayyum has studied & practiced myriad spiritual paths, served on an interfaith street chaplaincy board.

April 12:   “Love in the Time of Pandemic: An Easter-Spring Celebration” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy Rev. Robyn Carpenter, music by Lynne Wolf, Bill Brink, and Matt Meserve.  

Need hope?  Join us for an uplifting time of interfaith music, meditation, prayer,
stories, reflection and community connection.  All welcome!

As the natural world is burgeoning all around us, the human world is in an interesting state.  This annual celebration of death and rebirth takes on poignant meaning as we brave the challenges and enjoy the silver linings of the pandemic we’re experiencing together.  Join us for a real and uplifting look at this defining moment, Spring 2020

April 19  “Coping and Thriving in the Pandemic: Tools for Resilience” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy and Sharon Mueller

Mar 202020


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March 22: Service with Rev. Mellen Kennedy via Zoom,  Link:

March 29: “In Grief and Love, We Need Each Other” with Charis Boke and Rev. Mellen Kennedy, via Zoom.

In her poem Wild Geese, Mary Oliver invites us: “tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.” In this simple line is contained a deep truth, which is that all around us, our companions on this planet are carrying secret pains that we may know nothing of. And that we ourselves might be reluctant to share our own. The other thing this invitation offers is an opportunity-to connect, through a shared understanding that suffering and grief and despair are as intimate and perhaps as necessary a part of existence as anything else. And that in our connections we may be liberated into a gentler way of being together. Today’s service will explore the relationship between grief, connectedness, and thriving.
Jan 272020

February 23: “Don’t Have a Cow, Now.” with Rev. Buffy Boke 

We are all deeply concerned about the effects of a warming planet on our lives – indeed, on all life. A few thoughts on how to go forward from where we are.

The Rev. Beverly Morrison Boke — called “Buffy” by just about everyone — was called and settled as minister to the Canton, Massachusetts congregation in August 2011, from which she retired in July of 2017. Immediately prior to that, she served on the Administration Team as a guidance counselor for three years at the American Community School in Beirut, Lebanon. Buffy was ordained at the Unitarian Church of Barnstable in 1985. She has served Unitarian Universalist congregations in Newport News, Virginia; Hartland Four Corners, Weathersfield, and Chester, Vermont; and Andover, New Hampshire, and she has supplied pulpits in many other Vermont and New Hampshire towns. Buffy now lives with Nick, her husband of 39 years, in Providence, Rhode Island.

February 2: “The Art of Blessing: An Imbolc Meditation” with Charis Boke

February 1-2 are the halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. In northern European traditions, this is a time when lambs are born and the goddess Brigid’s blessing is sought for creative projects for the year–including the seeds that will be planted in the ground. Share the Plate offering to help buy snacks for kids using the library after school

 February 9: “Reclaiming Patriarchy” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy

“Patriarchy is a form of creativity that needs to be rediscovered in our time.” writes Thomas
Moore. Huh? “We have weakened the nobility of fatherhood in our time by mistaking
imperialism in business and government for genuine paternal leadership.” Moore continues.
Wow! This is the last Sunday Rev. Mellen will be with us before she takes off for a two-month
sabbatical. She will leave us with a parting question and challenge. Come join us for an
exploration of how we might reclaim patriarchy and how we individually and collectively might
exercise paternal leadership regardless of what kind of body we inhabit. You’re invited to stay
for a Friends on the Path Small Group Discussion on the topic after the Souper Sunday.

February 16: “Word Service” with Tina Feindel, Sharon Mueller 

At our annual celebration of words this year, a few folks will share what turns them on about a particular word. And we will learn about and play with, color cinquains! Come find out what they are!

Dec 292019

January 26,Cultivating Wisdom and Building Community with Rev. Telos Whitfield 

We will explore the qualities needed to deepen our wisdom, strengthen ourselves and build community in this new year.  Rev. Telos Whitfield serves the Universalist Society of Strafford and works as thrift store manager for the Southeastern Vermont Community Action. Working for peace has been a path she has followed for decades, including a 300 mile peace walk for nuclear disarmament in 1987, managing the Earth Charter Celebration in 2001, attending multiple retreats with Buddhist peace leader Thich Nhat Hanh, and completing his 14 mindfulness trainings program. She has also folded thousands of peace cranes over the years!

January 5, “Labyrinth Service” with Ellen Allman

The sanctuary will be set up with a simple labyrinth.  Ellen will talk about the history of labyrinths.  There will be songs, reading and an opportunity to walk the labyrinth, as well as a lap labyrinth to be used by anyone not wishing to walk the larger one.  All welcome!

January 12,  “Living Love in Turbulent Times:  King the Great Collaborator” with Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy

One person alone does not a great social movement make.  King expressed and embodied some critical lessons on how to work with others to effect lasting social change, to bring the Kingdom of God on Earth, as King would say.  In these challenging times, King’s legacy is a treasure trove!  Come, role up your sleeves and dive in to the learning the slippery work of collaboration.  A Friends on the Path Small Group Discussion on the topic will follow the coffee hour.   All welcome

January 19, “Health Is the First Wealth” with Dr. Jim Cahill and Rev. Mellen Kennedy

Jim and Mellen will reflect on the spiritual foundation of health.  Each of them made it through difficult health challenges. They both say now, Jim in his 70’s and Mellen in her 60’s, that they have never felt happier or healthier in their lives! They’ll share their thoughts and experiences including reflecting on the saying, “The body is the temple of the holy spirit.”  The service will be followed by Souper Sunday lunch.  After lunch join us for a discussion of the topic of the service and the book, “Younger Next Year: Living Strong, Fit and Sexy – Until You’re 80 and Beyond.”  A few free copies of the book are available on the Harvest Table in the Lobby.