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Apr 042021

The Springfield UU Meetinghouse will celebrate the thirtieth
anniversary of its sanctuary on Fairground Road with special worship events on April 25th and May 2nd. Looking back with pride at those years, the Meetinghouse is also looking forward, by launching the Spiritual Makerspace. This new initiative convenes local community members
whose passions or vocations align with the Meetinghouse’s mission to nurture the spirit and heal the world. Its goal is to build a network of community leaders who share practical and creative skills that strengthen community resilience.
The project launched last August, when the weekly Sunday 10am worship started offering a Spiritual Makerspace service once a month. These included, “Painting Our Way to Peace,” “Tending the Beloved: An Altar Making Space” and “The Body Is Our Teacher.” Members of the
Art Monastery, as well as local artist Toni Streeter and educator and herbalist Charis Boke, served as leaders for these gatherings.
Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy, Minister of the UU Meetinghouse, envisions that the Spiritual Makerspace will both build community and serve community. She noted, “Many contemporary people are ‘spiritual but not religious.’ Although attendance at churches is declining, particularly among younger folks, the spirit of Love, the hunger for authentic connection and passion for expression and service is rising. The Spiritual Makerspace provides an avenue for refining, expressing and channeling that passion.”
This April, the Meetinghouse will host two Spiritual Makerspace services. On April 11 at 10am, Raphael Sacks and Neva Cockrell from the Art Monastery in Springfield will present “Engaging Mind, Body and Heart,” a program of heart-centered music. On April 25 at 10am, artist and teacher Angie Follensbee-Hall, based in Brownsville, will offer “Restore the Muse—Finding Your Way Back to Innate Creativity.” These services are for anyone and everyone who seeks to gather for inspiration and community. The online service on April 25th will also honor the Meetinghouse’s 30th anniversary celebration of its sanctuary.
The next step of the project is to convene members of the community for conversations, skill shares and community service that imagine the Spiritual Makerspace into being. Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy will offer a storytelling skill share on April 24th, an essential skill for anyone who runs a business, works for a cause or communicates online.
All are welcome to attend the next Spiritual Makerspace Sunday services on April 11 and April 25 at 10am, and continue to celebrate the 30th anniversary on May 2nd with a May Day service, “The Regenerative Church.” Zoom link: Rev. Dr. Mellen
Kennedy will offer a Spiritual Makerspace Skill Share on “The Sacred Art of Storytelling” on Saturday, April 24 from 10am-noon. To learn more and sign up, visit:
The Springfield Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse is a warm, welcoming and supportive community for people of all ages. It is a community that values the open mind and encourages each person to question and develop their own faith, seeking to create a more loving and just world, and to live sustainably on the Earth.

Jan 312020

Tai Chi Winter Session   ~ Weekly on Mondays through  March 30, 5-6 pm

Tai chi can improve your balance, help improve body alignment and bring a new sense of coordination. Instructor Sue Rubel is certified by Tai Chi Vermont. Please wear comfortable clothing, flat shoes. No charge. All welcome – all abilities! No experience necessary. Held at the Meetinghouse, on Mondays through March 30th. 

Nov 302019

 Between Now & New Years’ Day

1. Keep a Gratitude Journal.  Take just a few minutes a day to write down three things you’re grateful for. You rewire your brain when we take on a daily practice like this.  When You develop the habit of writing down what You’re thankful for, You get stronger and stronger at noticing positive things! And more things to be grateful for come your way!


2. Keep a Good Stuff Journal. Journal at the end of the day about a positive experience you had.  Taking the time to record a positive experience imprints it into your awareness. The good feelings grow and You get more adept at noticing good stuff!  You actually become happier over time as You do this.

Want some nudges for this challenge? 
* Come to the Small Group Discussion on Sun. Dec. 8 at 11:45 led by Rev. Mellen
Read the quotes in this newsletter
* Subscribe for free to “Word for the Day” from
* Make a “gratitude magnet” with a quote or image that will
remind You and hang it where You’ll see it regularly.

Six weeks is about how long it takes to imprint a new habit.  So start now and by the new year, You’ll be a new You!  With your newly grateful heart, may 2020 be your best yet!

Sep 252019

Baldwin electronic organ and bench, purchased in 1968.  Model 48c.  Has owner’s manual.

61-note Swell and Great Manuals, 32 note pedalboard, 30 independent speaking voices. Three-channel transistorized amplification system (self contained).

Organ is located in Springfield, VT at the UU Meetinghouse.  Must pick up. Will accept best reasonable offer .  Contact:


Jul 222017

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Sep 082015
Small Group Meetings  for Friendship and Spiritual Growth
Our Small Group Meetings will be starting  again in September.  Small Groups are an opportunity for friendship and spiritual growth.  Groups of usually no more than 10 people get together to listen to each other’s ideas and share.  Each meeting has a specific topic and is led by a trained facilitator.  The groups give us a chance to get to know each other in a more unhurried way than coffee hour or a quick conversation before church. The groups have relational agreements to create an environment conducive to community building and spiritual exploration.  Those who participated last year say they thoroughly enjoyed their time together and treasure the insights gained and stories shared.

We will be meeting September through May.


If you have questions or wish to sign up you can contact Ellen Allman 802-463-5129 or There are two ongoing groups which meet once a month on Thursdays.  There is also a drop-in group facilitated by Rev. M’ellen usually once a month on one of the Sundays when she is in Springfield.  Come try out a group on Sunday, September 20 from noon to 1:15, after the coffee hour.  The theme of the group this time will be Connecting with Nature and it will be facilitated by Rev. M’ellen.  If there is more interest, we’ll be starting additional groups.  And Rev. M’ellen will offer a training at an area UU congregation most likely in October for those who would like to learn more or possibly become a facilitator. 

All welcome!