The Work Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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Jul 242020

August 2: “Dancing and Daring at Lughnasa” with Rev. Dr. Mary Ellen Eleanor Magdalena Kennedy

Our First Spiritual Makerspace Service!! 

Lunasa (Lughnasa) is the Celtic midsummer holiday celebrated on August 1st, the halfway point between the Solstice and the Equinox.  Last year, I had the exquisite pleasure of going to Ireland for the first time – a dream come true! On this journey, I experienced a profound connection with the people, the land, the language, the music, the books, the heritage and the inherited wisdom and trauma of my ancestors. Understanding prejudice, migration, servitude and enslavement through the lens of racialized trauma was a profound and unexpected gift of this journey.  Join me as we try to understand our modern American our multi-racial, multi-cultural experience.  A discussion facilitated by Rev. Mellen will follow the service on the subject of Ireland, racialized trauma and whatever is on your heart of mind.  

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August 16: “Your Mind Is A Garden” 10 am with Sharon Mueller, Julane Deener and Tina Feindel< 10 am via Zoom

“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds.  You can grow flowers, or You can grow weeds”. Peace Whisperer.  Join us for an exploration of tending our gardens and tending our souls.  In these challenging times, learning more how to tend to our internal spiritual and emotional well-being is key.
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August 30:  Vesper Service at 6 pm IN PERSON OUTSIDE THE MEETINGHOUSE

Our Vesper Service will be Sunday August 30th, weather permitting . This is an informal evening service.  This year, unfortunately, we’ll be unable to have our traditional potluck,  Masks required and “social distancing” will be observed. This service is being organized by the Caring Committee This is an opportunity for people to gather and share some quiet time, readings and stories. This service will not be on Zoom as the traffic and other outdoor noise would be a challenge for on-line listeners.

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