The Work Continues Even When the Building is Closed

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Mar 292021

“Resurrection Is the Way of the World: An Easter Celebration” with Revs. Mellen Kennedy and Will Hunter

April 4, 10 am

Got hope?  Life can astound us with beauty, or pain or awe, stopping us in our tracks.  Our hearts break open with inexpressible experiences.  Join us for a celebration of life in spite of and even because of the challenges.  As the earth awakens around us, let’s gather to renew ourselves as well.  You’re invited to stay for a virtual coffee hour after the service.  

Spiritual Makerspace Service: Engaging Mind, Body and Heart with Neva Cockrell and Raphael Sacks

April 11, 10 am

Creativity flows through each of us, with the possibility to guide us back to ourselves, through the practice of free expression. Join in a spring-time Spiritual Makerspace full of guided free movement exploration and heart-centered group singing. As the winter fades away, it’s time to awaken our bodies and voices, bring our brave hearts forward, and meet each other in embodied community. Come as you are, leave with new songs and movement to energize your life! 

Neva Cockrell is a professional dancer and interdisciplinary artist who uses art as a tool for social change. Raphael Sacks is a performing artist and a founding member of Loom Ensemble. They co-direct the Art Monastery in Springfield, VT, a community that hosts artist retreats and offers public classes in meditation, visual arts and movement.

“Race Amity”  with Dr. William H. Smitty Smith and Rev. Mellen Kennedy

April 18, 10 am

Race relations in America will not substantially improve unless the public discourse on race moves beyond the blame-grievance-rejection framework to one that recognizes and celebrates our ability to overcome racial prejudice through association, amity, and collaboration. While the tradition of racial oppression was unfolding, a parallel tradition, largely hidden and poorly understood, was demonstrating some of the most positive qualities to be found in American history. This “other tradition”, of close collaboration, amity, and love has served as the moral and spiritual counterweight to the dominant tradition of racism that occupies so much of our national history. The other tradition offers a new entry point for the public discourse on race.  Please join us for watch party of the film, An American Story: Race Amity and The Other Tradition, which will be shown by the Springfield Library on April 14 at 6 pm.  The film is free, but you must pre-register at

William H. “Smitty” Smith, EdD, Founding Executive Director, National Center for Race Amity. With a background in public education administration and communication, he promotes cross racial/cross cultural amity as a means of moving America towards E Pluribus Unum. He was the Executive Director of the Center for Diversity in Communication Industries at Emerson College.  He is the concept creator/Co-Executive Producer for the 2018 documentary, An American Story: Race Amity and The Other Tradition. He was the principal organizer of the State Bill establishing Race Amity Day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He co-authored, with Dr. Richard Thomas, Race Amity: America’s Other Tradition (2019)

Restore the Muse: Finding Your Way Back to Innate Creativity” with Angie Follensbee-Hall

April 25, 10 am

Do you find yourself falling into worn-out routines and thought patterns that interrupt your creative flow? Do you know you could be living with more inspiration and expression, but feel uncertain about where to begin? In this Spiritual Makerspace service, we will explore our thoughts about what inspires us, what role the muse has had in our past and in the natural world, and how to identify the key moment when we stopped believing we were creative. Activities will include reflective writing, discussion, and simple hands-on exercises. All are welcome to attend, whether you consider yourself an artist or not. Please bring paper or a notebook and something to write with. 
Angie Follensbee-Hall is an artist and a teacher, based in Brownsville, VT. She creates mixed media and handmade paper tapestries inspired by nature, stories, and the deep mystery of the world. For over 20 years she has taught classes, workshops, teacher training, private mentoring, and coaching in art techniques, creativity and yoga.

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