Mar 242018

April 1st “Vermont Easter: A Celebration of a State of Optimism” with Rev. Mellen Kennedy,

A recent survey revealed that Vermonters are twice as optimistic as folks in other states in the union. Let’s celebrate what brings us hope and joy as we move into Spring.  Special music by the choir.  The children will be performing the Vermont State Song, These Green Hills.
There will be an Easter Egg Hunt for Parents and Children following the service with a chance for parents to chat with Rev. Mellen about upcoming Religious Education Possibilities for our children!
All welcome.  Held at 21 Fairground Rd, Springfield, VT.

April 8, “Random Acts of Kindness” with Sharon Mueller and Tina Feindel

Are you a practitioner of Random Acts of Kindness? Have you ever spontaneously helped out, picked up, paid it forward? Cultivating such an attitude can leverage our positive thoughts into a kinder, gentler world. We will share some of our experiences and ideas, and would love to hear yours.

April 15: (Postponed due to weather.) “The Hidden Life of Trees” with JoAnn Gaffron-Hargrove.  Trees, trees, trees!  They are everywhere!  We admire their beauty and majesty.  They give us shelter, shade from the hot sun and help clean the air we breathe. But there is something mysterious about trees: Do they have feelings? Do they communicate? Do they have a life we know nothing about?  Let us explore the hidden life of trees.

April 22: “Earth Day Celebration”  with Rev. Mellen Kennedy.  Got hope? Come get some!
Since the United Nations created Earth Day nearly 50 years ago, the environmental crises have escalated to a level that can appear catastrophic. Yet we need not despair! All around the globe, people are engaging in so many powerful ideas and programs that are setting our planet on a hopeful course. In this lively celebration, we’ll lift up signs of progress, resistance, and success. Collectively we humans are reversing the damage in myriad ways from planting pollinator gardens, composting, constructing net zero buildings, installing alternative energy, educating girls, planting trees, and so much more.

We’ll playfully cultivate our awareness of how to live sustainably, justly and peacefully on the Earth.  Special music will include piano pieces by Tina Wood and a choral performance of “Turn the World Around,” composed by Harry Belafonte.   Drummer Jim Yeager and musician Matt Meserve will perform. We’ll also be launching our new pollinator garden. Open to the public.  Bring friends!

Souper Sunday from 11-12 (bring a guest – no charge for newcomers), and Interactive Earth Day Displays from 12-1.

April 29:  “Finding Common Ground” led by Rev. Telos Whitfield. We look to leaders in our history, poets and activists for inspiration and guidance, and explore the guiding principles they lived by that gave them courage and inspiration. Looking to the common ground we share, what do we want to know about each other that will move us to care, and act as agents of change in the world?

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