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Sep 082015
Theme for this Church Year:
Cultivating the Art of Optimism:
A Universalist Response to Cultural Shifts and Climate Change
Dear Friends and Members of the Springfield Church,
            It was wonderful to see those who were able to attend the summer vespers and  potluck a few weeks ago.  I’ve missed seeing everyone and look forward to our opening Sunday on September 13. 
            We live in interesting times.  We’re experiencing  significant transitions in terms of cultural shifts and climate change.  All around us messages of doom are sounding.  As a Universalist, and as a person of faith, I am choosing a different way.  Yes, I look around  me and  indeed see the evidence of climate change, social unrest, wars, overpopulation, disease, species extinction,  poverty, and so much suffering – human and otherwise.  And yet I am stalwartly optimistic because we humans are waking up. I believe without a doubt in the all-pervading. all healing power of Love.  This is not a namby-pamby, wimpy, fluffy thing.  This Love is the potency for which there is no greater.  As we humans awaken to our deepest nature, to our ability to live with Love and optimism, we can change and even save the world. As Xiuhtezcatl Martinez says:
“The biggest challenge we face is shifting human consciousness,
not saving the planet. The planet doesn’t need saving. We do”
And this shift is already happening. Folks all over the globe are saving, loving and healing their patch of the earth.  In his book, “Blessed Unrest,” Paul Hawken, environmentalist and activist, heralds a message of hope for our broken world.  He describes how groups of caring citizens around the globe are indeed saving the planet, one neighborhood, one small effort at a time.  Our small and mighty religious community is one such example in this unofficial and global patchwork of hope and restoration.  So let’s spend this church year together cultivating optimism, learning how to live well, to be embodiments of healing and hope in these transitional times.  We’ll start with our Water Communion.  Please don’t despair, dear friends.  Take heart in the transforming Power of Love.  Commit Yourself to the bright future not just for ourselves, but for our precious children and grandchildren and great, great, great grand children.   May it be so, Blessed be.  Amen!  See You at church.
With Love,
Rev. M’ellen

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